Short Bio

For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for art and in my younger years spent many hours drawing. My graphic design career took me on a different creative journey which has consumed my time for the past 20 odd years. In 2018 I felt the fire burning inside to start creating art again and currently find myself on an exciting journey of re-discovering my love for art. I am very much a nature child so am inspired by animals and all things from the natural world. The details, textures and colours nourish my soul. I am based near White River in Mpumalanga which is conveniently close to Kruger Park allowing many opportunities to visit and photograph wildlife which is my favorite subject matter.


Coleen Williams is an artist based in White River, Mpumalanga.  Her home is conveniently close to the Kruger National Park, allowing many forays in search of inspiration and photographs for her growing body of wildlife works.  She is inspired by nature and enjoys capturing the different colours, shapes and textures of our natural world in a variety of mediums.


Born in Nelspruit in 1972, her younger years were spent in many different places, and only in 2005 did she return to her place of birth, the beautiful Lowveld. Coleen always had a passion for art and as a child spent many hours creating.  She excelled in art at school, but a graphic design career took her on a different creative journey. After running her own graphic design business in Gauteng for almost 20 years, returning to her roots rekindled the spark of her creative spirit and in 2018, inspired by an old drawing, Coleen’s inner artist finally convinced her to pick up her pencils again. She currently finds herself on an exciting journey of re-discovering her love for art.  


The years spent in digital design honed her skills with regards to colour relationships as well as composition, which enable her to digitally compose her ideas prior to painting.  Her beautiful wildlife paintings are characterised by an intense passion for colour and detail.  Whether its watercolour, pastel or graphite, Coleen’s artworks are a joy and the tender touch applied is evident in each piece.  


In September 2019 she received an Honourable Mention Award in the 1st International Watermedia Festival held in Somerset West, South Africa, for her watercolour work titled ‘Basile’.